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Dear colleagues!
I am very glad to welcome you on the «Wesemann» site!

«Wesemann» is the company with German traditions and while solving any problems we follow the principal that «quality pays for itself». General history of our company that exceeds half of the century allows us to say «Wir wissen wie es geht!» - «We know how!» - and to provide high quality construction, to choose the most optimum, economical and convenient. I have been heading the LLC «Wesemann» I Russia since the moment of its opening more then 10 years, and I can assure you the team of real professionals is working in our company. I invite you to cooperate with us and I hope our acquaintance will become interesting and mutually beneficial.

Knut Häselbarth

The Company «Ewald Wesemann» was established in 1945 by Wilhelm Wesemann. When the founder of the company handed over the business to his children, his son Evald Wesemann-senior headed the firm. At that time the firm was middle-scale artisan undertaking in the town Bekum.

After Germany unification in 1990 Ewald Wesemann-junior, the son of Ewald Wesemann-senior, started installation works of overseas objects. Successful activities of the company in other countries resulted in creation of a new company in Riga (Latvia) in 1993, and then in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1993. Then various objects followed to open in Russia.

In 1999 the firm LLC «Wesemann» was established in Kaluga, and Knut Häselbarth has been heading it since the moment of its establishment. Today we can speak about «Wesemanns» own history in Russia. Though purely German approach to problem-solving remains our guiding principal. This is, first of all, quality, convenience and efficiency of operation. The quality of our work is known and highly appreciated by our customers in Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. LLC «Wesemann» has its own technical base, qualified working and managerial staff. Personnel of the organization assemble and install the newest equipment, executing works of invariably high quality.

The main direction of activities of the Company «Wesemann» is assembly and installation of sanitary engineering systems of any size and with any equipment from the simplest one to the newest and the most technologically complicated. «Wesemann» invites you to cooperate with us and we hope our acquaintance will become interesting and mutually beneficial.

Heat and cold supply, heating, boilers, air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing.
Design, supply of equipment, installation, adjustment.
Made in AA «Accent»